ABION Ltd was set up in 1994 in Plovdiv, and started its business with the opening of a small store selling meat and processed meat products.

With time our company grew and we opened our own production base and a chain of stores specialising in the sale of meat and processed meat products with the ABION brand.

Today our company offers a range of more than 30 types of different top quality processed meat products and variety meats. The production base of the company is in Plovdiv, 1 Asenovgradsko shose Street, Trakia Industrial Zone.


We respect and follow the Bulgarian traditions. Each new era introduces its own different values, replacing the old ones or, alternatively, reinstituting some old, forgotten values. The family plays a vital role in the life of every person; it is where we grow up, live, get our upbringing; it is a basic unit of society. For that reason the family is at the basis of our business, and the name of our company, ABION, is an abbreviation of the names of the members of our family. To us, this is not only a job; this is a way of life, and a tradition. Our mission is to accomplish optimal satisfaction of our customers, and to maintain and constantly improve the quality of our products, and offer them with a sophisticated and attractive appearance. We want to be constantly available to our partners by providing the necessary products and information at the right place and at the right time.